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Komiža - Day 6 Friday 9/6

The miracle has happened...

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Following a leisurely and ridiculously huge breakfast that no one at our table could finish (here is my avocado and egg toast)...


... we walked around Komiža.

Here are some of the scenic views.


Croatia seems to be a country of cats, as you will note from this street view.


At the very end of town is the Church of Our Lady of Pirates. You certainly might wonder how this church got its name. According to the sign outside the church, in the days of marauding pirates, the altar painting of Mary was stolen from the church and taken aboard the pirate ship. While stories vary a bit, the upshot is that the theft was followed by tremendous wind that damaged the ship, preventing the pirates' escape. Legend has it that the pirates decided that it might be in their best interest to return the painting, and as soon as they did, the weather cleared. There is a slightly different version in which the pirates abscond with a statue of the Madonna, and after treacherous weather, dump the statue overboard in fear. The statue eventually floated in the direction of the shore by the church, and springs of fresh water have sprung up everywhere that the statue has been placed. Either way, here are some photos from the church.


This photo will give you an idea of the beaches on the island.


When we gathered to leave for our excursion, Jane shared the news that our luggage was ON THE FERRY en route to VIs!

(Pause for expressions of joy and relief)

She had arranged for our driver, Josep, to take Charlie to the dock to claim it after the rest of us were dropped for our wine tasting. This is the photo tha we used to confirm that it was our luggage. I am not sure why we are on the Croatian Tourist Board text, but I just want my luggage.


Here is Jane's friend, Miro's farm, which is located in Podspilja. He maintains vineyards and olive groves. This terroir is the origin of zinfandel grapes, which are now grown in many other regions, including California. Miro is known for his Plavac wine, made from the zinfandel grapes, as well as his Vugava, which is a white wine made with grapes found only on the Island Vis. His wines were amazing!

Here is Miro's lovely home and farm.


You know the drill. FIrst, there is the presentation of the welcome drink of rakia.


Then, there must be a "snack."


Today, we had a formal wine tasting. Miro offered two delicious white wines, Vugava and Posip, a Rose', and the Plavac.


Between the presentation of the first and the second white wines, Charlie and Josep joined us in triumph. They were greeted with great enthusiasm from the girl who missed her clothing; here I am with Josep. (And don't worry, I saved Charlie a glass of the first wine, which is the only one that he missed.)


We had such a pleasant time with Miro and his wife.


After wine tasting, it is always a good idea to eat, and we traveled to a beachside restaurant owned by three brothers for a late lunch. The meal showcased their home-grown organic produce, meats, fresh fish, and homemade wine from their vineyards. As the meal was prepared, we had time for a swim at their private beach. In addition to the lobster, the grilled fish were outstanding, and there was plenty of meat for those who do not love fish.


On our way back to the apartments, we made a stop for dessert and coffee on the white rocks, to take in the peaceful view.


When we got back to the hotel. I was delighted to be reunited with the contents of my luggage!

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Sending heartfelt expressions of joy and relief! Glad you finally got the luggage. Could there be a connection between this miracle and Our Lady of Pirates? ;-)
I had no idea what to expect of Croatia; it certainly is beautiful. There's obviously a rich tradition of hospitality. All that wonderful fish!
Enjoy your belongings' return!

by Anne

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